Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Midterms...and Projectiles... er Projections.

Midterms... it's kind of a dirty word this week. Whether you're just recovering from the midterms of your college term, or you're recovering from the abysmal election day that went down last night... it definitely seems like an anxious and generally stressful term. 

I'm not sure that I quite understand the projected winner idea. I've been watching the polls, and it seems that at a 2% margin, with still 9% of the votes to be reported, Pennsylvania has already determined that Pat Toomey has beat his opponent Joe Sestak in the election, changing the Senate seat in question from Democratic to Republican. 

However, that projection seems a bit close to me. I would think they'd want to wait a little longer to determine a more sound victory.

Wouldn't it be a shame if we came down to it and the rest of the reported polls came in, and it turned out Sestak did actually win? (The only two that seem to be left are from Delaware and Philadelphia Counties... which are both predominantly Democratic, I believe) 

I can't imagine the look on either of their faces given the news. Though, I do think that it would be delightful to film such reactions. I can imagine Joe Sestak's look of surprise, and excitement. After being so down and out. Much like a small child would look on Christmas morning after realizing they still had one gift left to open, and it was in fact the impossible-to-find-and-yet-sure-to-break-in-ten-minutes robo-transformer they had been dreaming about. 

And thinking of the look on Pat Toomey's face even is more thrilling. I would imagine it would be a look that the same small child would make. Not on Christmas morning, however, no. On the first day of school around lunch time, where he's trying to make friends, and he's just realized he's shit his pants. Yes, that would be the priceless look. Add on top of that the fact that he has to now walk back to the class, tell the teacher, and both of his parents are at work. 

I doubt that sitting in your own shit is an exciting feeling. Especially after eating the best damn lunch you've ever tasted.

These are the thoughts that I'm holding on to for those last 9% of polls. One of them is mine. Since, I did in fact have to vote 'Provisional' style this election. After moving around a bit throughout the year, no one knew where I was living, and/or voting.

I would think that projected winners in close elections is a little like spending your income tax rebate before it arrives, just to realize you're not getting back nearly as much as you thought. 

Maybe... just maybe, it shouldn't be done.

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